Do anything better and easier with Alexander technique

Greater ergonomic functioning results in better performance. Improve your swimming, tennis, golf, running, juggling, gardening, riding, surfing, cycling, computing, walking in heels or walking uphill, public speaking, confidence, desk work, house work, singing, playing any instrument, or anything else….

For the dates and locality of the workshops, please look at the Calendar. Some dates are provisional only, if you are interested please let me know.

Ask for a workshop in your activity, in your area. For your friends, colleagues, school etc. Contact us. There are also other AT teachers putting on specialised workshops in their own fields, ask me or search the web.

Alexander technique for everyday living – Workshop
An introduction to Alexander technique

Irish choir doing Alexander technique with Penelope Easten.
Alexander technique worshop with Penelope Easten.

Come & get simple steps for better posture, less pain, more poise, strength, confidence.
A FREE evening workshop.

See the Calendar for dates

I used to think Alexander technique was about learning to put my body into a proper posture, now I think of it as rediscovering how my body wants to move, relaxed and free and strong.”
– Stuart

To book please contact:

  • Phone: +353 (0)86 335 8579
  • or email:

Walk beautifully in heels – Workshop

An action packed evening transforming your posture, how you stand & walk, & then any heels are so easy!
High heels, low heels, wedges, killer heels, almost no heels….
Learn how to walk with grace and elegance, safety and ease, in any heels, including up and down stairs! Plus learn how to choose heeled shoes that work for you.

Walking in high heels using Alexander technique with Penelope Easten
Penelope Easten walking well in heels
Walking in high heels using Alexander technique with Penelope Easten
Ravi before…
Walking in high heels using Alexander technique with Penelope Easten
…and after the workshop

See the Calendar for dates and booking info

Walk Well in Heels

The Walking in Heels course was fantastic. I can walk on heels now no problem. I couldn't walk in heels before the course, because I didn't know how, and yet after two hours of the course I was running on them.

The best bit is, I am working at it with my everyday living, it's not just about the walking, it's for everything. I found it has stayed, even wearing my regular shoes. I am holding myself better, so I’m always up & I'm walking straight, I don't slouch any more.
Once you balance your head, instead of having your head back, it gives you your balance. And I wouldn't have any pains in my feet now, whereas usually when I get home I’d be really tired, and my feet would be tired. It works! It's amazing. It takes half a stone off you as well because you're straight.”
– Ravi, hairdresser

Gardening without Strain – Workshop
Learn to look after your back & other joints

Penelope Easten using Alexander technique to weed without pain
Group using Alexander technique to gardening without pain

Learning how to dig, weed, hoe, lift, reach etc, with efficient use of your body to protect your back and joints, and gain more strength, poise, ease & flexibility.

See the Calendar for dates and booking info

Can gardening really be this easy?”
– Marie

Playing guitar without strain – 6 week course, 2hrs a week

To build a good knowledge of basic Alexander principles & relate them to the guitar.

Classical guitarist using Alexander technique with Penelope Easten
Paul McCabe, classical guitarist & student of Alexander technique
Guitar and Alexander technique workshop participant before and after
Eoin before…
Guitar and Alexander technique workshop participant before and after
…and after day workshop

All guitarists welcome, beginner to professionals, any style, also banjo, mandolin etc.
We will cover: How to play with less pain, greater ease, better tone, & stage presence.
Reduce or avoid tension, pain or injury. Discover the causes of shoulder or wrist problems etc.
Build your core strength for relaxed sitting, & max flexibility & strength to fingers & hands. Find lightness & freedom in body & playing. Maximise practice efficiency.

See the Calendar for dates and booking info

Playing guitar without strain

I just feel good, the posture and where my feet were set on the ground, the ease of the right hand as well.”
– Eoin

Past Workshops

Drumming without strain – Workshop
Drum, & lift the gear, with greater ease, flexibility & accuracy

Using Alexander technique to play drums without pain, with Penelope Easten

Thanks to Danny Byrt for hosting & organising this one. This workshop was open to all drummers at all levels as it is not about playing ability but how we can feel more at ease and comfortable behind the drums.

Drumming is physically demanding, & unnecessary tension risks damage to muscles, tendons, nerves & bones.

Alexander technique for businesses or organisations

Workshops can be tailored for the needs of your organisation. We can work as a group or one-to-one, or a mixture of both.

Finding the right height for a computer screen, using Alexander technique with Penelope Easten.
Digino Marketing, Ballina / Killaloe
Alexander technique workshop in marketing company Digino with Penelope Easten.
…workshop with Penelope Easten

Possibilities for workshops include:

  • Training for your staff to avoid injuries & increase their comfort working:
  • Computing & desk work, look after backs, necks, shoulders, wrists and hands
  • Lifting, bending, moving safely
  • Confidence presenting: find body confidence, vocal confidence, use your body language for maximum presence
  • Juggling: learn to act not react, to make clear choices, to coordinate fluidly and instinctively.
Combined Irish choirs, start of Alexander technique workshop with Penelope Easten
Combined Irish Choirs course. Balanced sitting
Combined Irish choirs, learning balanced sitting with Alexander technique and Penelope Easten
…before …and after