The Emotions Toolbox

Combining Alexander technique with emotional work

Alexander technique aims to bring us into our bodies, and ground us, & bring us present and into our natural confident self. But some people, particularly those who are very sensitive, can benefit from some additional help with this. I have developed a series of simple techniques (many adapted from other techniques, some my own) to help with

  • Grounding
  • Boundaries
  • Identifying your emotional states and fast clearing of negative emotional states
  • Feeling okay in any situation
  • Transforming worry and negativity
  • Healthy time management
  • Positive open relationships with family or colleagues
  • Dealing with anger safely and speaking our feelings safely
  • Feeling wanted, loved, included, and a sharing part of our family /society
  • Healing childhood trauma

Read more about these techniques on the emotional workshops page.

It was all emotional for me. I came for lessons because I thought I was getting arthritis. But what I have realised is that actually I'm a very tense individual, and I never would have described myself as that, but that came out through the Alexander then I realised that it was emotional as well. It was all just so connected for me right from the word go. The grounding meditation I use all the time, I'm still forgetting the boundaries until I get myself in a situation, but at least I'm thinking of it afterwards.”
– Rita, midwife

“I'm surprised to find how my emotions are held within the body, and how intuitive you are in feeling where I'm stuck. Things have changed over the while all right. I'm working more on being grounded and connected with the Earth, and my rooting and my posture through my centre. The boundaries I used a lot in the beginning especially, it was very important to me. The ideal mother is to me the ideal Earth, I realised that I have to be my own ideal mother. And that to me comes from mother Earth so it all then fell into place a little bit. And when I felt more nurtured then it has a snowball effect on relationships.

Also I liked the role-play of situations we did, that how I physically position myself in a dialogue or situation affects the other person's response. I think the more grounded I am, then I'm coming from a better place, a safer place even. If I have to say something difficult in a relationship, I do the grounding first of all, & do my own little map of how I am before I start. I communicate about my feelings & needs rather than from a reactionary place, and then I'm definitely getting heard better.”
– Bridget (name changed), gardener

Same size technique really works. If I wake in the night I can identify what’s bothering me, use it to clear the feelings, & then I go back to sleep.”
– Mike

Combining Alexander technique with Nutrition for calming

Teas-still-life. Herb teas, teas, oatcakes and sugar
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • Improve & relax your digestive system
  • Balanced energy through the day, no more energy crashes
  • Feel calmer, more stable, less irritable, mentally clearer
  • Reduce physical tension

Alexander technique aims to teach us how to let go of long-term tension and to be relaxed in any situation. But dietary imbalances can be blocking this process: particularly blood sugar imbalances, food intolerances, and stimulant use e.g. too much coffee, because they put adrenaline into our systems which causes tension. By changing to a diet that relaxes us, much faster progress can be made.

I only do nutrition counselling for clients who are doing one-to-one work with me, as that way we can monitor and support you fully as you make dietary changes & as your body responds. All plans are tailored to the individual, both to meet their body’s requirements, & in what they can handle & enjoy in their lives. The initial dietary consultation includes a full assessment of food intolerances, using my own kinesiology based testing procedure.

“I’m completely off coffee & chocolate for nearly a month, I have never, since I was a child, been off coffee & chocolate. Now I think that’s had a huge effect. When I stayed off the other things too (there were wobbles over Christmas) it was extraordinary how I felt. Unbelievably better. It was brave to do it before Xmas but I’m very glad I did it because it told me I can survive without them.”
– Celia (name changed), pharmacist