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About Penelope Easten

Penelope Easten MA Cantab. mSTAT, ISATT, Dip. ION


Born in North Wales, Penelope’s first love was the natural world, & she studied Biological Sciences at Cambridge university. She came to the Alexander technique in 1983, when she became very stressed & tense while doing PhD field work. The technique helped immediately, & she left science to train, qualifying in 1989. After London, she lived in Sheffield for 14 years, teaching the technique and running a natural health centre, then moved to County Clare in Ireland in May 2005 with her husband and daughter. She now divides her busy private practice between her beautiful studio in Ogonnelloe, overlooking Loch Derg, & a clinic in Clarecastle near Ennis.

Miss Goldie

She taught in London for two years, & studied further with Miss Margaret Goldie, who had worked alongside Alexander for thirty years, & was probably the closest person to him. Miss Goldie completely revolutionised her understanding of the technique, particularly learning to come to quiet from which the technique can come about naturally in daily life, for stress reduction & clear choice making, & for natural breathing for freedom, & body strength. She also teaches Miss Goldie’s understanding to Alexander technique teachers worldwide.

Particular expertise and interests

Stringed instrument playing (she plays violin, piano, recorder & is currently learning guitar, & also sings classical & folk); with pregnancy & childbirth; with vision work, (which she sees as fundamental to Alexander technique). She was a dancer & model, and now enjoys yoga, swimming, walking, including walking in heels, gardening & running, and applies the technique to each of them.

Holistic approach

Penelope’s work crosses a lot of boundaries. She struggled with ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for thirty years, from which she is now fully recovered. Her return to health has involved exploring many health directions, physical, physiological, psychological & spiritual. She is trained in Reiki, nutrition training (dip. ION) & Cranio Sacral therapy & Somato Emotional Release. She has also developed methods of her own, to integrate emotional work & Alexander work, particularly to do with emotional clearing & nurturing, better boundaries & grounding. She will often look for the emotional root behind physical pain, & uses fast methods to clear it. As she works, she always asks the question: what does this individual need right now to move forwards?

The future

Penelope is further developing the Emotions Toolbox work, developing more workshops locally, and writing a longer book about Miss Goldie's work. And always waiting for the next challenge to emerge.

View of the Loch Derg, Ireland from the Alexander technique studio of Penelope Easten
View of Loch Derg from Penelope's studio

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