What is Alexander technique?

We were all born with wonderfully functioning bodies, but nobody gave us the instruction manual! So during our lives we have pulled ourselves out of shape. Alexander technique is the instruction we need, to show us how to return to ‘factory settings’ where our bodies once again work as they were designed to do. Through this, problems often drop away.

Penelope Easten, experienced teacher of Alexander technique

I have been a teacher of the Alexander technique since 1989. I find it a fantastic method for helping people sort physical pain & problems, such as back & joint pain, headaches, breathing issues etc., & also for sorting stress & tension. Particularly if you feel your problems stem from poor posture, or have a postural aspect, then Alexander technique can most probably help you.

I also really like applying Alexander technique to specific situations, such as playing an instrument, gardening, walking; both in one-to-one sessions and also in workshops locally.

I work a lot with the emotions, and with the emotional roots often behind physical problems. If you feel that your physical problems may have an emotional root then this may be the path for you to explore it. Our relationship both to ourselves and also to other people can be eased and improved. This is both with the Alexander work & the 'Emotions toolbox'. Diet can also be crucial here, to support & calm the body.


I have seen various bodywork practioners/therapists over the years, and just a few stand out for me as being uniquely themselves whilst being experts in their field, totally competent in what they do whilst never being complacent or arrogant.

With a rare combination of humility, deep wisdom, a joy in learning and teaching, and a deep respect for life, Penelope is one of these rare finds. I am really grateful to know her and thank her so much for caring.”
– Susanna

I see the Alexander technique's potential to transform lives, not just backs. I've been very ill myself with ME, from which I am now fully recovered. My return to health has involved exploring many health directions, including physical, nutritional, emotional & energy work.

Watch this short video on why I’m passionate about my work.


Along the path I have trained in Reiki, nutrition, craniosacral therapy and inner child work, as well as developing methods of my own for fast release of emotional blocks, the 'Emotions Toolbox'. I now use this multidimensional approach where needed within the Alexander work so in any moment I can meet you where you are at, and work with what will take you forwards now. I look forward to working with you soon!

My busy private practice runs from my beautiful practice room in Ogonnelloe, East Clare, and also from a small clinic in Clarecastle near Ennis.
Read more here about one-to-one lessons in Alexander technique.

See the calendar for workshops coming up. The workshops are always great fun, people learn a lot and they can be transformative.

Penelope Easten using Alexander Technique to dig a garden with good body use.
Using Alexander Technique to dig a garden with good body use

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